Insurance Plans & SISC Contact Information

Paso Robles Joint Unified School District offers a generous benefits package to eligible employees and their eligible dependents.  We offer a choice of four medical and two dental plan options and VSP vision coverage.

The amount that an employee may be required to pay for coverage may change annually.  These amounts are announced during the Open Enrollment period held in June.  Employee contribution is made through automatic payroll deduction on a ten-month basis, September through June.

POSTED April 25, 2016

40311G 100 20 RX40311F 90 30 RX40311K 90 30 RX
40311H-90 20 RX40311J 80 20 RX40312D 100 20 RX
40312C 100 30 RX40312A 80 40 RX40312E 80 40 RX
40312F 80 30 RX40312H 90 20 RX40312G 80 20 RX
Anthem Blue Cross: 2-Tier Anchor Bronze Plan Summary


Vision & Dental
For Certificated, Classified, Management & Retirees


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Certificated  Classified
Management  Retirees


Insurance Carrier Phone Numbers

Anthem Blue Cross
Anthem BlueCross

Member Services 800-564-7475
MD Live 800-632-2738
Coverage while traveling 800-810-2583
Pre Authorization Review 800-274-7767
Navitus Pharmacy Services  866-333-2757, TTY: 771

Delta Dental

Delta Dental

866-499-3001 or 800-765-6003




Vision Service Plan


COBRA Continuation Coverage