Student & Teacher Wireless Setup for Personal Electronic Devices


Proper staff and student authentication is needed to use the Paso Robles schools wireless network. Use your Novell UserID and Password to gain access to the Internet.

Please insure that your wireless device is properly configured with updated security and virus software. Using the wireless network is at your own risk and adherence to the district Staff Responsible Use Policy and Student Responsible Use Policy is expected.

Below are instructions to connect to the “Paso Schools” wireless network.  For best results, follow the instructions explicitly using your devices network connection utility.

For instructions on how to enable/turn on, add or remove wireless networks please consult your device's manual. Apple iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 7, Mac OS X

Step 1

Delete/Forget previous Paso Schools wireless profile (if needed).

Step 2  

Connect to Paso Schools

Step 3  

Enter wireless password "bearcats"

Step 4

Use your network (Novell) Userid and Password to gain access to the Internet using an Internet browser