Business & Fiscal Services

Welcome to PRJUSD Business & Fiscal Services Department
For more information, contact the following people:

TBA, Chief Business Officer
Chief Business Officer
(805) 769-1001 Ext:30105

Karin Bruck, Director, Fiscal Services
Karin Bruck
Director, Fiscal Services
(805) 769-1001 Ext:30108

Hugo Bastidos, Director of MOFT
Hugo Bastidos
Director, MOFT
(Maintenance, Operations,
Facilities, Transportation)
(805) 769-1100 Ext:32002

Luke Draper, Director of Information Technology
Luke Draper
Director of Information Technology
(805) 769-1100 Ext:33209

Gregg Wangard, Director of Food Services
Gregg Wangard
Director, Food Services
(805) 769-1100 Ext:25003