Paso Robles Joint Unified School District
Safety Goals and Initiatives


Mission Statement:

The mission of the Paso Robles Public School District Safety Committee is to develop and promote a healthy and safe work environment for all employees and visitors to our facilities through education of all individuals. The safety committee encourages all employees to participate in the safety process for the betterment of all concerned.

Service to Schools-Provide cost, time and quality
priority in service to schools, students and staff

  1. Develop and Integrate Staff Development and Training-Training everyone at every level of the District.  
  2. organizational objectives and activities to be completed--Phase I and II
  3. programs are monitored and evaluated by SSF
  4. training and development data is collected and assessed by all departments
  5. work place relationships are strengthened through effective communications and positive management practices
  1. Actively Promote Safety and Security Practices-To ensure that students, staff and citizens feel safe and protected while entrusted to Paso Robles Public Schools.
  2. work place safety; promoting health and safety of all staff members
  3. school and facility safety inspections are conducted
  4. nutritional standards and safe food practices are strengthened
  5. bus safety and positive relationships-improved bus behavior
  6. emergency response and crisis management training all departments
  7. data and reports are maintained as required
  1. Update Policies and Procedures-To achieve compliance in all areas of division governance.
  2. review and update all policies as may be necessary-required
  3. work rules and procedures complement positive environment
  4. advisory committees are staffed; meetings conducted as scheduled
  5. public complaints are processed and handled properly
  6. quality and consistency in hiring practices
  1. Properly Maintain All School Facilities-To enhance the teaching and learning integrity of instructional spaces.
  2. facilitate the use of instructional equipment and technology
  3. set long range plans for instructional spaces that better support achievement of all students
  4. facility and maintenance needs are identified and planned for remediation
  5. facilities are clean, healthy and well maintained
  6. buildings are environmentally safe and resources conserved
  1. Promote Cost and Operational Efficiency-A consistent review of budget parameters and progress toward efficiency improvements by all departments is made
  2. inventory management of supplies and materials
  3. all programs are reviewed for efficiency of operation
  4. steps taken to ensure financial integrity and cost - benefit
  5. all departments active in environmental stewardship
  6. district demographic trends are factored into planning processes

Workplace Safety Tips

  1. Traveling In and Out of Work
    1. Park your vehicle under or next to a light pole if possible
    2. Walk in and out of work in pairs or groups, especially late at night
    3. Do not leave work if you are not comfortable with someone in the parking lot
    4. Report anyone waiting in the parking lot who does not appear to be there for business
  1. Safety at Work
    1. Let other employees know when you leave the office and about what time you will return.
    2. Leave a number where you can be reached in case of emergencies
    3. Carry a cell phone in case you need help or are in trouble
    4. Maintain open and honest communication at work so others feel safe and confident reporting concerns
    5. If you have an order for protection or are having domestic problems, tell other employees or the front desk employee so that the person is not allowed to contact you.
    6. Train employees about workplace violence, what it is, how to prevent it and what to do if it happens.
    7. Make sure the workplace is secure if you remain at work after normal working hours.
    8. Complete thorough background checks on all employees before hiring them.
    9. Require visitors to sign in.
    10. Have an emergency plan in place and review it with all employees yearly.
    11. Know the location of fire extinguishers and medical kits.
    12. If there is an emergency, set a designated meeting place for all employees.
  1. Safety at School
    1. Since your school has face to face contact with parents and students, do not leave objects that may be used as weapons on your desk (stapler, paper weights, coffee mugs, etc.)
    2. Have your desk positioned so that there is an escape route for the employee.
    3. Set up a pre-coded page for the employee to use in case an upset parent or student gets out of control or the employee feels unsafe.