Donate & Volunteer

How to Help

Paso Robles Public Schools welcomes you as a volunteer who works with our students.  We know that with your help and assistance in our schools that students receive a better education.

Due to laws enacted in September 1998, schools may require background checks and TB clearances for all adults who work/volunteer and come in contact with students at our schools.  It is now necessary to complete a personal information sheet for each volunteer, to arrange TB clearance and to notify volunteers that a background check will be completed, to serve in our schools.

Please complete the attached package of information located below.  Submit it to the school office.  You will be contacted regarding your clearance to be on campus.

TB tests are your responsibility.  The school nurse gives them periodically during the school year and will post flyers in our site offices.  Check with your site office as to when and where to report for a TB test from the school nurse. 

Thank you for your understanding of the necessity to maintain a safe school environment for our students.

Click here for the Volunteer Packet.